How to Tame Your Hamster?

How to Tame Your Hamster?

It may be a joy to have a small pet around, however, not all pets enjoy immediate handling, including some hamsters. Before you want to safely hold a hamster in your hand, the hamster must be tamed first.

Fortunately, there are a few methods that you can take to get your hamster in your hands as soon as possible.

When you decide to train your hamster, you must make sure several things and your hamster has less pressure and at the same time keep a pleasant mood. You should treat it like a friend, rather than a master.

1. Bring home a new hamster.

When you bring a new hamster home, give it a week or so to get used to its new home and environment, and then make sure your hamster has a large cage and other essentials.

Before taking a hamster home, preparing a large and comfortable cage is very important. Because hamsters like moving around and they will feel stressed staying in a cramped cage.

You can place your hamster cage in a crowded area, but don't be disturbed by excessive noise, other pets, and other distractions.

Especially during the day, as hamsters sleep most of the time. So don't disturb or try to handle the hamster during the day because it's sleeping.

2. You Need Time and Patience to Tame a Hamster

Don't try to tame your hamster with these steps, take the time to get to know your hamster and respond to its cues. The most important thing is to earn the hamster's trust so that it won't be afraid of you.

You can only tame and hold a hamster after it comes out of the nest on its own. A sign of a relaxed hamster is that it can eat, drink, and play when you are present.

You'll need to spend more time around the hamster's cage and talk to it quietly, mostly to get it used to your voice. If you don't know what to say, try reading a book aloud or singing softly.

Anyway, you have to let it be familiar with you first.

3. Prepare Some Food and Drink for Your Hamster


Give the hamster some of his favorite foods. If your cage is a wire cage, you can feed the hamster through the cage fence.

Once the hamster comes looking for food, try to put your hand in the cage, don't try to touch the hamster, but let the hamster explore your hand. 

4. Get Some Food on Your Hand, Coax Them With Treats

Treats for hamsters can be put on open hands and then in the cage so the hamster has to take the candy out of your hands, or sometimes a paw on yours.

Only in this way, can it get you candy. Then try putting the food on your hands so the hamster has to crawl to your hands to get it.

If the hamster is brave enough to do so, try picking it up slowly. The hamster may jump out of your hand the first few times, but be gentle and persistent, and eventually, the hamster will realize that your hand is safe.

You can give some delicious treats to your hamster from your hand. If you have a wire cage, start by offering treats through the bars of the cage.

Otherwise, just offer them at the edge of the cage door. Once your hamster scurries over for the treats, try putting your hand just inside the cage.

Don't try to touch your hamster but rather wait for it to explore your hand.

5. Let Them Move Around

The best way to pick up a hamster is to place one hand on your palm and the other on its back.

It is best to keep the hamster on your lap or another soft surface to prevent it from falling or jumping.

When the hamster is relaxed, you can try to let it crawl from one hand to the other, then over your arm, and then you can continue to serve the food, even though the hamster may not be interested in the food.

6. Put a Cup in the Cage When You Have to Pick up a Hamster


If you need to pick up an untamed hamster, like cleaning its cage. Then put a cup in front of the hamster and let it slowly enter the cup. In fact, most hamsters will go straight into the cup out of curiosity.

If you have to pick up a biting hamster, or if the cup method doesn't work, use gloves or a thick towel. This can put a lot of stress on the hamster and make them more resistant.

So, if you must use this method, be extra careful and be as gentle as possible.

7. How long does it Take to Hold Your Hamster?

It depends on many aspects, such as the age of your hamsters and its personality.

Your hamster may quickly accept being picked up or take treats from your hand right away, however, it may take a month to do so.
You must be patient to wait for your hamster to open its heart and regard you as a friend or a family.
If your hamster bites you while you are handling it, you should know that it doesn’t mean to hurt you. The hamster just felt threatened.

Try not to overact by yelling or harshly moving the hamster. If you do, it will become scared of you.


Instead, calmly place it back in its cage and wash the bite with soap and water. The best way to pick up a hamster is to place your other hand on the palm of your hand and the other hand on the hamster's back.

It's a good idea to start picking up your hamster and place it directly over your lap or another soft surface in case it falls or jumps.

In conclusion, it takes time to establish relationships with your hamster. But the result is worth waiting for, I mean, you can have a cute pet accompany you.

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