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Wooden Hamster Cage Natural Hamster Habitat-Kaiyopop

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Description: The wooden hamster cage is suitable for different kinds of hamsters, small rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, or other small animals.

If you're looking for a more naturalistic environment for your hamster, a wooden cage might be a good option. The wooden hamster houses is suitable for your furry friend. This wooden hamster cage for sale can help create a more calming atmosphere. A wooden hamster house provides a comfortable place to live.

Wooden hamster habitat is easy to clean and provides plenty of ventilation. Wooden cages are also very sturdy, it is made of strong fir wood. So you don't have to worry about its quality. 

Premium Material: Constructed by premium natural fir wood which is the strongest and most durable of construction woods without painting and varnish.  Easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes and fit well into indoor and no rain outdoor use.

Convenient Access: The cage features one opening. Simply open the upper door and you can freely play with your hamster.

Easy to Clean: The space avoids your hamster's waste splashing and the enclosure makes it easy to clean. What's more, there is a sliding tray at the bottom of the natural hamster enclosure. These small pet crates can save you time and energy.

Great Visibility and Air Circulation: Front acrylic panel gives you a full view of the habitat and allows you to observe your pets at any time. The porous mesh ensures fresh air and good ventilation.

Platform Design: The platform and ladder provide a great place for hamsters to exercise and have fun. 

Comfortable Habits For Hamsters: The large interactive space gives your hamster a comfortable place to live.

Installation Suggestions: The above video vividly presents the process of installation. If you still have questions, please contact us in time.

This cozy hamster house gives your hamsters a fantastic chance to live and play. Order one cage for your hamsters or other small animals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Don’t buy
To small

Hey guys before buying this cage think one more time. This cage will not be suitable for a hamster. Cause the minimum size of a proper cage is 100x50cm. And this cage is only 50x30 so you wont fit everything you need in it.
Do Not Recommend

Nice suitable cage

This cage is very useful, before I had this cage, my hamster Licorice, was in a bin cage. He would chew on it, and try to escape. So I wanted to get him a new cage. Although, do not only use the things it comes with. Your hamster will need a more crowded cage. Licorice loves this new cage, And I hope you look into this very helpful enclosure.

Lydia N

This is a nice size for our hamster. He actually seemed to love it. He was the most active he's been in weeks. However, there is nowhere for him to build a soft nest. It's sturdy and I don't have to worry about him getting out and hiding out in the house for two days as I did with the last habitat Kaytee Critter Trail. Plus he's way more visible since he's not in a purple tube...he honestly seems much happier.

Some Flaws; But Great Overall

The Kaiyopop Wooden Hamster Habitat is a great cage for Pets!
It is very sturdy. The pan at the bottom is very deep and allows for ample bedding for them to dig and burrow in.
The cage was easy enough to assemble, but I find sliding the tray into the cage to be quite difficult. It seems to catch/get caught on the sides of the cage.
The platforms are a little bit fiddly to get inside, but are very stable once secured.
The spacing of the bars is great!

My mice did chew on the cage; as was expected. The damage was minor and does not effect the structural integrity of the cage. The mice soon switched back to the wooden chews provided. They will still occasionally chew on the corners of the cage and so I use a hide, chew or toy to block access if I feel they are getting overzealous.

The most disappointing thing about the cage are the doors. They are tiny! It makes putting things inside the cage difficult and limits accesses to the interior, unfortunately making it a bit of a hassle to clean.

All in all, this cage is a solid choice for a rodent enclosure. I live in a country that does not have hamsters and so I cannot say if it would be suitable for them. It is just about perfect for mice, however!! I am very happy with the cage thus far, despite its flaws. Well worth the price.

More cleaning

Got this cage for my hamster to give them more space. It’s a beautiful cage but the whole thing is wood. Keep in mind, woods sucks up any of their pee. It looks like the platforms were coated with something to prevent. But it doesn’t seem to help much, Therefore the smell can get tough to clean out compared to a more solid surface like metal or plastic. It can easily be solved with just a more upkeep schedule compared to other cages. So keep in mind you’ll be cleaning this more often compared to other cages. It’s just something that the owner should be willing to do to keep it maintained for their lil babies. I personally think it was worth the money just a huge hassle to assemble, but it comes with instructions soo you’ll survive. And easier to clean since the bottom of the cage has a plastic bin that slides in and out to clean the bedding. I’ve seen a lot of reviews that made me doubt buying this because their pet would chew through the wood. Owners should know their pet to see if they would have the tendency to chew on the wood or not. And my hamster don’t have a habit of chewing since they have their own chewing sticks to keep them occupied. That’s some thing I would suggest if you feel like it would be an issue.