A Brief Introduction to Different Types of Hamsters (1)

A Brief Introduction to Different Types of Hamsters (1)


Hamsters are 5-12 cm long. Except for the small hamsters distributed in Central Asia, other species of hamsters have cheek pouches on both cheeks, extending from the side of the molars to the shoulders, hence the name hamster. Very small and cute, this animal is a strong solitary animal and a popular pet. 

Detailed Features
Full name: Hamster
Lifespan: 2 years - 3.5 years
Alias: Gill
Weight: 28~40g
Place of Origin: Syria

Friendliness: ☆☆☆              Cold Resistance: ☆              Heat Resistance: ☆☆

Hamsters are very reproductive, and it is pervasive to give birth to more than 10 young mice in one litter. Of course, the reproductive size of hamsters will vary depending on the type of hamster and how they are reared.

Generally speaking, when the male hamster is 2.5 months old and the female hamster is 2 months old, they can make the next generation. After a female hamster is found to be pregnant, the male hamster who is still excited must be isolated, otherwise, the female hamster will become pregnant and affect its lifespan.

After the baby hamster is born, the mother hamster must be given a quiet and suitable environment and adequate feeding, so that it can take care of the baby hamster by itself.

But if disturbed by the owner or other hamsters or even the hamster father, the hamster mother may also kill her offspring due to stress. During the 16 days of pregnancy and 10 days after giving birth, the careful owner must provide enough food for the hamster mother, even if the baby hamster is cute, don't disturb them.

Unlike wild hamsters, pet hamsters can mate and give birth almost all year round, and have frequent estrus, and raising all hamster babies is not an easy task. If you don't want to bring too many sweet troubles to yourself, then you must be ruthless to keep the hamsters in separate cages and prohibit the breeding of hamsters.


Roberovsky hamster

They are called the old woman only because the color of their fur is light, so they are also called the old woman. Because the reproduction is less, the price is also more expensive than other kinds. The way to tell the difference between an old woman hamster and an old man hamster is to look at their faces. The old woman hamster's face is all white, while the old man hamster's face is only white where the eyebrows and beards are, while the rest is yellow. In addition, there are all-white old women hamsters. The fur on the back is all white, and the probability of birth is very small, so it is also quite precious.

Detailed Features
Full name: Roberovsky Hamster
Lifespan: 2 -3 years
Weight: 15~30g
Place of Origin: Syria

Friendliness: ☆☆☆            Cold Resistance: ☆         Heat Resistance: ☆☆☆☆

Generally speaking, Roberovsky hamsters are relatively easy to raise. They are omnivorous, they mainly eat all kinds of weed seeds and grains, and occasionally eat insects. They have the habit of storing food and they do not hibernate. They rely on stored food for the winter. If it’s in captivity, they can be fed rat food, a small number of melon seeds, peanuts, fruits, mealworms, etc.

Since they have only the size of a ping pong ball, they can easily get out of the cage, so the choice of the cage is very important. Roberovsky hamsters typically hunt for food at night, and each trip is equivalent to four times the distance of a human marathon, so they may need more rollers than the average hamster.


Golden Fox Hamster

The golden fox is a hybrid of the silver hamster and the pudding hamster. The golden fox can be mated with all Gagaria hamsters, but more feeders use the golden fox to mate with the pudding and the silver fox, giving birth to a better quality golden fox hamster, Silver Fox hams,ter, and Pudding hamster. Good quality golden fox fur is snow-white, with a golden topline on the back. The wider the line, the better. Golden foxes are active. If you like a quiet place, you’d better not keep them. The best time to buy is in the spring and summer, because some pudding hamsters in winter will turn into golden fox hamsters, and the golden fox hamsters in summer are the real golden fox hamsters.

Detailed Features
Full Name: Golden Fox Hamster
Lifespan: 1-3 years
Alias: Hamster Golden Fox
Weight: 28~40g
Place of Origin: Syria
Friendliness: ☆☆☆           Cold Resistance: ☆☆☆        Heat Resistance:☆☆☆   

The golden fox hamsters have very mild personalities and are highly active. Moreover, they are easy to take care of, making them great pet rats for kids.

The top-quality golden fox should be pure white all over, with golden yellow only on the back line. The wider the line is, the more yellow it is, and the better the quality. In addition, the top-quality golden fox's ears should be white with golden plush on the ears and golden plush on the buttocks. Also has golden plush. (It is said that there is no top-quality golden fox, it is not recognized by the public, but is respected by a small number of people.)

But it should be noted that, since the golden fox is a mixture of pudding and silver fox, and pudding is a cultivated variety (that is, there is no such variety in nature), these characteristics are often only known by the owner who breeds it, because these features sometimes degenerate and become less pronounced as they grow old.

This breed of the golden fox is actually very rare. If you have children, buy a more docile one, as soft as pudding. Small pets like hamsters are very suitable for domestication and it does not cost too much.

If you want to raise golden fox hamsters, please divide the cages for the hamsters, preferably one mouse per cage. When two hamsters are put together, the result may be that they will continue to have babies(of different genders)... In serious cases, they will fight each other to death! So everyone should not be caged together.


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