Can Hamsters Take a Bath?

Can Hamsters Take a Bath?

Hamsters can be bathed, but dry cleaning is generally done.

Hamsters can use special bath sand for bathing, put it in the bath and sand pool, "shower" the sand on it, or let it roll in the bath sand, which can effectively remove the stains and odors on the hamster.

If there is no bath sand, you can also wash it properly, but if the hamster is afraid of water, you can wipe its body with a wet towel, and then blow dry or dry the hair.

Hamsters can take a bath, but they are not directly washed by pets like cats and dogs. They are animals that are afraid of water and they also love cleanness. If you wish to keep an energy-saving and time-saving pet, a hamster is a good choice.

Generally, they can be dry cleaned with bath sand or wiped with a wet towel.


Bathe the Hamster with Bath Sand


  1. Prepare the bathroom for bathing the hamster, spread the bath sand, and put the hamster in the bathroom.
  1. "Sprinkle" the bath sand on the hamster, the hamster will shake off the bath sand, repeat the operation several times, and let the hamster comprehend by itself.
  1. Gently press down the hamster in the bath sand, let it roll in the bath sand in a playful way, and cover it with the bath sand.
  1. Let the hamster plan the bath sand and play with it. After the owner accompanies it to wash it two or three times, it can learn to take a bath with the bath sand.


 Dry Clean the Hamster with a Wet Towel


If you don't have special bath sand, you can also use other methods to dry clean the hamster. You can get the hamster's body with a wet towel, put a drop of pet shampoo, rub out the foam, and wipe it all over its body, taking care to avoid the foam getting into the hamster's eyes.


After washing, wipe off the foam with a wet towel, and repeatedly wipe the towel with wet water several times to avoid the shower gel remaining on the hamster's skin. After cleaning the hamster, put it in the sun to dry or dry it with a hair dryer. The wind should not be too strong and the temperature should not be too hot.


Can hamsters be washed with water? Under normal circumstances, hamsters will clean up their hair and keep their bodies clean, so as the owner, there is no need for us to grab them to take a bath.


However, the area around the hamster's butt can be dampened with a towel with warm water and wiped gently to prevent bacterial infection.


Hamsters Cannot Bath with Water


Hamsters cannot bathe with water. Because they are too small, bathing will consume too much energy for them and there is a danger of causing a cold.

In addition, you can also prepare a soft brush to help the hamster to groom the hair from time to time. On the one hand, it is a good way to get close to the hamster.

On the other hand, it can also check the condition of the hamster's skin and limbs, especially the long-haired golden hamster. It should be organized more often.

When finishing, the brush is slowly combed along the direction of hair growth. For short-haired hamsters, it is done every two to three weeks, and for long-haired hamsters, it is done once a week.


Hamster Cleaning Tool

There are also some cleaning products for hamsters on the market, such as dry cleaning powder and foam cleaner. You can also use these.

After washing, the hamster will be more energetic, and it can also cover up the hamster's body odor, but be careful not to Get the hamster's eyes or other parts of the face.

The cat litter used in the toilet is also a tool for hamsters to clean themselves. They will roll on the sand to remove the dirt from the hair, which can also satisfy the hamster's burrowing nature.

So basically as long as you have the above method, you don't have to worry about cleaning hamster hair.

Hamster needs a small bathroom for bathing, which is generally available in online shops. You can buy one for about a few dollars. There is also bath sand specially used for hamster bathing, which is also a few dollars in terms of kilograms.

Just put the right amount of bath sand in the bathroom and you don't have to worry about it. When the hamster needs to take a bath, it will go in by itself. It can be cleaned for a certain period of time. When the bath sand is dirty, it can be replaced or cleaned according to the situation.


Keep Your Hamster Cage Clean

Since hamsters have been living in cages and have no chance to come out, the hamster cages must be kept clean. Clean up the waste in the cage promptly. There may be an unpleasant smell after a long time.


  1. Hamsters can take a bath, but hamsters cannot be washed with water.
  2. To bathe the hamster, you need to buy a bathroom and bath sand.
  3. Pour an appropriate amount of bath sand into the bathroom and put it in the hamster's cage. The hamster will wash it when it needs it, without helping it wash.
  4. Keep the hamster cage clean and tidy to avoid bacterial growth. Provide a dry and clean environment for the hamster. Hamsters like living in a clean place and also they can keep a pleasant mood in a dry and tidy cage. Therefore, hamster owners must choose a cage that should have good ventilation. The wooden hamster cage is a good choice, for the natural wood is very healthy and the color can provide a peaceful environment for hamsters.

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