What Pets are Clean and easy to Keep?

What Pets are Clean and easy to Keep?

In recent years, an increasing number of people begin to keep pets to decrease their loneliness in the fast-developed society. Pets, are not only family members but also serve as a tool to soothe them. Cute pets can always make owners in a good mood.

Also, many young people choose to work and then settle in big cities. In this way, their parents always feel lonely without company.  It is very inconvenient to go around when they are old, so they sometimes can feel very lonely.

At this time, the children will want to raise one pet to accompany them, but they are relatively old and do not have a lot of energy to help dogs deal with the problems of toileting and bathing every day, so for this reason, I will tell you what small pets are easy to keep and at the same time can keep clean? To be a member of Kaiyopop to learn more.

1. Teddy

This little dog looks very cute. It is very smart and doesn't shed hair often. It has a very docile personality. Moreover, It doesn't bark when it sees strangers. Go to bathe it every day. Dogs can purify themselves, but they may like to bite the owner's shoes or sofas. If this happens, we can buy a teething stick or teething treats at the veterinary hospital. Generally, dogs have molars.

2. Bichon Frise or Poodle

 The IQs of these two kinds of dogs are very high. We can train them to develop good habits, such as not protecting food, not urinating, not barking, etc. They don’t eat the right dog food. There are no requirements, so it is easy to raise, and we don’t have to spend too much money on dog food. After all, both natural dog food and commercial food are not cheap.

They are still very adaptable and won’t get sick often. Because the dog's intestines are different from ours, they have poor digestion and are easy to eat, so sometimes they get sick often. When they are ill, we have to take them to the hospital. The most important thing is that they do not shed hair except during the shedding season so that we don't have to clean up the dog hair at home every day.
The above answer is aimed at the question of many friends about what small pets are easy to keep and clean. As long as we like to keep dogs, these are not problems. Everyone must understand clearly before raising them, not because of dogs. If it's not good, just throw it away.

3. Hamsters love cleanliness

Hamsters usually live in a cage. It is relatively simple to clean up. However, the smell of hamsters' urine is relatively strong, and sometimes it even overwhelms its smell. Not to mention that the owner does not like it, the hamster also hates this smell.

Hamsters are relatively clean animals, and even have a little bit of cleanliness. The hamster can't tolerate some odors on its body. Whenever there is dirt on its face, it will keep washing its face with its little pink claws until the dirt on its face falls off. You will also find that once the hamster has been held, it will try to apply its scent all over the body after returning to the cage. The smell of a hamster is not only a sign of its territory, a warning to intruders but also one of the ways to distinguish a partner from a stranger.

The smell of a hamster's urine is relatively strong, and sometimes it masks its odor, so hamsters themselves are not willing to live in an environment where the smell of urine is overwhelming. Most hamsters can pee at a fixed place, and the place where hamsters usually pee is always the farthest place from their nest in the hamster cage.

If the owner wants the hamster to learn to use the toilet, the bath sand with hamster urine can be put into the toilet. The hamster smells the smell and slowly becomes comfortable in the toilet. Some hamsters can't remember the location of the toilet. Please repeat it and teach it a few times.

4. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a national treasure of Japan. It is relatively ancient. It has sensitive senses. The reason why the Shiba Inu is most popular is its infectious smile, which is very cute.

Shiba Inu has many good characteristics, such as a clean body, small size but strong guarding, loyal to the master, easy to train, obedient and calm character, strong vigilance, keen sense, and a strong sense of place.

Shiba Inu is independent, not clingy, and office workers have limited time. Even if there is not a lot of free time to accompany it, Shiba Inu can play happily.

Shiba Inu has an independent nature, but can sometimes show aggression towards unfamiliar dogs. This disposition is especially prevalent among female dogs. The Shiba is suitable for families without other dogs and young children, and obedience training and enriching the Shiba's social life can change everything.

Cats and Shiba Inu can get along very well. Shiba Inu loves cleanliness, and they often lick their paws and legs. They also have their way of keeping the fur clean. Because of their unique and proud nature, it is easy to toilet train them, and some Shiba Inu doesn't even need training.

 Shiba Inu

5. Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig is easy to raise. Among small pets, the guinea pig is the easiest to raise because it has low environmental requirements.

The lifespan of guinea pigs is longer than that of ordinary hamsters, about 5-8 years, and their body size is also larger than theirs. When they are adults, their body length is about 15-20 cm, and they are herbivorous.

If the living space is too small and there is no room for activities, then choose a guinea pig with a small body and a gentle personality! It is chubby, clumsy, and cute, and although it is a kind of mouse, it is more endearing than the traditional hamster. They are very docile, unless it is in a hurry, they will rarely bite (you must know that even an irritated rabbit can bite people).

Guinea pigs are vegetarians and can be fed all fruits and vegetables except eggplant and cruciferous leaves. It's very smart, and if you treat it well, it will recognize you and play with you. It is medium in size, neither too small like a hamster, nor too large like a rabbit, and more suitable for playing in the hand (about 15-20 cm).

Guinea pigs can live up to 8 years, and you must be mentally prepared before raising them. Make sure there are no other animals in your home that could harm it, such as cats and dogs. It must be supplied with water and food every day, its excrement will smell, it will sometimes bark, and it will chew on things.


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