Pet  Owners are Persuing Food with  More Nutrition

Pet Owners are Persuing Food with More Nutrition

Owners of small pets look for high-quality ingredients and nutrients when shopping for their furry friends’ food. Pet owners not only prepare wooden hamster cages for their small animals but also choose healthy food for them.


Pet Owners are Looking for Healthy Food

Although their bodies may be small, they have great nutritional needs. Many pets need vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients like guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, rats, and hamsters. Now, pet owners are looking for healthy food and treats. According to the manufacturers, retailers can capitalize on pet owners' love for their little friends and increase sales in this area by focusing on the latest trends.

There are two trends in small animal nutrition. First, parents of small pets are looking for new nutritious treats that can promote healthy behavior and bonding with their pets.

Small pet owners are trying to find more healthy food, such as food with more natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives. In addition, they hope to find food characterized by specific use. Because different pets have different needs for food and nutrients.

Treats can promote bonding between you and your pet and satisfy the pet's natural need to chew. Just like their daily diet,  treats for small pets need need to be healthy. Kaytee Baked Wellness Snacks with vitamin C, which support small pet health, are also being introduced.

A second trend is an attempt to save time and money. This year, Kaytee launched Timothy Complete bulk guinea pig food in a 9.5-pound size to help consumers buy less. The size is also suitable for multiple guinea pig owners because guinea pigs are gregarious animals and are often kept in pairs.

Retailers should always try to keep their assortment fresh, new, and species-specific. Pets are cared for and treated like family members, and owners hope to find nutritional and healthy food for them.

The all-in-one pellets also have a species-specific shape to maintain dental health and prevent selective feeding by small animals that prefer other foods.

Last year, the brand launched Field+Forest which is full of vitamins and minerals and is made without artificial preservatives. For example, the feed for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas is made primarily from high-quality timothy hay, while the feed for hamsters, gerbils, and rats is made from a variety of vegetable proteins and whole grains without timothy hay.


Hamsters can eat oatmeals

Other Trends in Pet Food 

Another way to eliminate the possibility of picky eaters is to season every part. Supreme Petfoods uses extracts instead of pellets in all meals, including mixed and single-ingredient meals.

Other trends include a preference for natural products with wild or foraged ingredients and a growing trend toward grain-free foods. Claire Hamblion, marketing director for Supreme Petfoods.

“Selective Naturals grain-free rabbit and guinea pig foods are selling well as consumers are increasingly demanding these products,” she said.

Supreme Petfoods has added Russell Rabbit Tasty Nuggets and Gertie Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets to the company's signature pet foods for her Tiny Friends Farm. According to Hambrion, Tiny Friends Farm's meals offer great value, healthy nutrition, and eye-catching packaging with fun and friendly characters.


Appealing to Young Owners

These product options are particularly appealing to Millennials, who have an increasing proportion of small pet owners.

“These customers are often highly motivated, knowledgeable, and willing to spend more money on their pets,” says Hamblion. " They no longer see small animals as 'first pets,' but as family and companions."

These shoppers buy luxury brands at higher prices and look for natural ingredients and science-based nutrition. The loyalty of these customers is very important to retailers and manufacturers, and their loyalty One way to maintain is to offer foods that are not available in supermarkets. Pet dealers should offer diets for life stages, especially early childhood diets. Stores can recommend junior foods from an assortment not available in supermarkets and retain customers as pets transition to adult foods.

Carrots are healthy for adults.

For example, Hamblion said Supreme's Science Selective is particularly brand loyal, with 80% of his young grocery shoppers maintaining brand loyalty as they transition to adult foods.

“While young foods are only available for a relatively short period of time, they are an important market entry and provide the foundation for optimal nutrition throughout life, as well as customer loyalty and repeat visits,” he says.

Made in the USA the is another important trend in many categories, including small animal nutrition.

"Pet owners are definitely looking for American-made food," says Holly Sher, owner and, president of Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company, which also makes food for ferrets. “Made in the USA continues to grow exponentially and the search continues to ensure sourcing, quality ingredients, and best-in-class manufacturing.” Development is consumer driven.



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