How to Keep Cats from Attacking Hamsters?

How to Keep Cats from Attacking Hamsters?

Everyone knows that cats like to catch mice, but now many families keep cats and hamsters at the same time. You may wonder that is there a possibility that hamsters are attacked by cats at this time?
In fact, after getting along for a long time, cats can also be very friendly to hamsters, but they still need to pay more attention before. Let's learn what should be paid attention to.

1. Hamsters Cannot be Kept Free-cage

Cats are natural hunters and are particularly interested in small moving animals. If hamsters are kept free, they will attract the attention of cats and become the best "toys" for cats.
Therefore, providing hamsters with a sturdy hamster cage is the first condition to ensure the safe co-breeding of cats and mice.

2. Provide the Hamster with a Running Ball

The hamsters living in the cages are too suffocating because the hamsters in the wild have to go out for several miles every day to find food, so the domestic hamsters will become obese because of the lack of activity in the cages.

However, since there are cats in the house, the hamsters cannot be directly put out to play. So be sure to prepare a hamster running the ball for the hamster. It can not only ensure that the hamster does not become the prey of the cat, but also ensure that the hamster has enough exercise.


3. The Owner Must Pay Attention When Cats and Hamsters Stay Together

When cleaning or replacing hamster cage bedding for hamsters, it is inevitable that the hamster will be left outside the cage.
In this case, the owner must be by the side and keep an eye on the cat's movements.

Once the cat appears to pull the hamster with its paws, stop it in time, and watch the cat ensure the safety of the hamster.

You’d better not let your hamster out of cages for too long. Because when the hamster is kept out of the cage, the cat will usually observe the hamster's actions out of curiosity and then decide the next step.
It is easy to arouse the cat's desire to hunt and take action.

4. You Can Rest Assured When the Hamster is Accepted by the Cat

When the cat and the hamster get along for a long time, the cat loses interest in the action of the hamster and accepts the hamster as a member of the family, then the hamster can be released to play with the cat.

We have seen many warm pictures of cats and hamsters coexisting. When your hamster and cat have lived together for about a year and are familiar with and trust each other, you can safely let cats and mice stay with each other. Cats and mice are natural enemies, be it mice or hamsters.

Although hamsters are relatively docile, they will not harm cats. But there is a substance of bezoar acid in the mouse, which can enhance the cat's night vision ability.
Smart cats always wait for the opportunity to catch prey to satisfy themselves, so we can't take it lightly, and we must be careful about the coexistence of cats and mice.

If you want to keep a hamster and a cat at the same time, you can choose a small cat. There are two main reasons why to choose a small cat.
The first reason is that you can better establish relationships with them, and cats will be more dependent on and love their owners.
The second reason is that before cats realize that hamsters are their own food, owners can consciously guide them to become friends when kittens and hamsters are raised together. Therefore, it is better to raise kittens in my opinion.


5. Make Sure the Hamster Lives in a Comfortable Cage

Prepare a comfortable small cage for the hamster.
When it is winter, you should prepare cotton, sawdust, and other warm things. Snack basins, bathtubs, running wheels, and small water bottles should be readily available.

We all know that if a kitten has diarrhea, it will cause dehydration and easily lose its life. The same is true for hamsters. If they are not taken care of, they will also have diarrhea.

Moreover, the hamster is very small, and it will be even more severe if it is sick and needs to take medicine. It's troublesome, so prepare everything the hamster needs in advance, so you can be prepared in time.

The door of the cage must be closed so that the hamster cannot have the opportunity to "break out", and the cat cannot have the opportunity to enter the rat cage, to ensure the safety of the rat.

6. Give Cats and Hamsters Enough Time to Play with Each Other

As an owner, if you decide to keep a pet, you must have enough time to spend with your pet. Maybe for you, pets are just a company in life, but for pets, you are their whole world.

Since you decide to keep hamsters and cats at the same time, you must give them enough company, which will not only strengthen the relationship between you and your pet but also stabilize the relationship between cats and hamsters.

After getting along for a long time, the cat will naturally recognize the hamster from the heart, knowing that this is his friend and will not hurt it.

7. Make Sure the Hamster and Cat Have Enough Food

It is necessary to ensure that the hamster's mouse food and the cat's cat food are sufficient so that the cat will not be aggressive to the hamster when it is full every day, and will not treat the small hamster at home as its food.

At the same time, it is recommended that the owner consciously give the cat a small fish-shaped toy, and subconsciously prevent the cat from playing with the mouse-shaped toy, so that the cat will not confuse the real small hamster with the mouse toy, thus ensuring the mouse and mouse life safety.

Cats pay special attention to moving things, and hamsters are particularly active, so they are relatively complementary.
After getting along for a long time, I believe that cats will regard hamsters as good friends who share weal and woe, not prey.
The feelings of small animals are often single-minded and stable. Of course, the nature of small animals is also unpredictable, but no matter what, in the editor's opinion, companionship is the longest confession of love, and the most difficult to part.
What's left is the warm companionship. So if you decide to keep a small pet, you must determine to accompany them for a long time.

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