Can Hamsters Eat Fruit?

Can Hamsters Eat Fruit?

Fruit snacks are suitable for hamsters to cool off in summer.
In hot summer, not only do we humans lose our appetite because the temperature is too high, but many owners of hamsters will also find that their rats and mice have also begun to lose their appetite and get angry easily.

Although there is generally no major problem as long as it is not on a hunger strike, we can add some fruits as snacks to the usual diet of the mouse, which can not only adjust the appetite of the mouse but also go to the fire to cool off the heat. But be careful not to overfeed. Too much fruit can easily cause soft stools in hamsters. Let's take a look at which fruit hamsters can eat.

1. Hamsters can Eat Watermelon

The most common fruit in summer is watermelon, but the red soil we usually eat has too much water, so it is not suitable for hamsters to eat. Generally, we can give the cyan part of the edge.

2. Hamsters can Eat Apples

You can feed them properly, but remember to remove the core, and don't even eat the pulp near the core. Because the pit contains a lot of potassium, excessive intake can lead to tachycardia, which can lead to shock and death in severe cases.

3. Hamsters can Eat Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries

These can be eaten directly. These fruits do not contain much water and are rich in vitamins, which are good for the hamster's body. But don't give too much, like half of the strawberries at a time is almost the same.

4. Hamsters can Eat Cherries

Generally, it is enough to give cherries one at a time, and you should also pay attention to removing the pits, otherwise, it will cause difficulty in breathing, cramps, and death in severe cases.

5. Hamsters can Eat Bananas

Can be fed directly, but prevent the bananas from being hidden in the cheek pouches causing spoilage and inflammation. You can choose dried bananas for pets.

6. Hamsters can Eat Pineapple

It is a fruit that is very beneficial to the digestive tract. The pulp should be cut into pieces and then soaked in dilute salt water or sugar water to extract irritating glycosides before feeding.

7. Hamsters can Eat Papaya


It is also good for the intestines, especially the long-haired mice can help them excrete those coats that they accidentally ate when sorting their hair.

8. Hamsters can Eat Grapes

This is best to give directly to dried fruit, fresh water is relatively large, and eating too much is easy to have diarrhea. Raisins should also be seedless.

Although hamsters can eat many kinds of fruit, you should clean the cage in time. Otherwise, the fungus will reproduce, and it will harm your hamster's health.

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