Why You Must Use An Aquarium Air Pump?

Why You Must Use An Aquarium Air Pump?

The importance of oxygen to living things cannot be overemphasized! If there is a lack of oxygen on the earth, then no life can be sustained. Similarly, the underwater world also needs oxygen, and the aquarium needs dissolved oxygen in the water. Therefore, we aquarium enthusiasts must ensure that the dissolved oxygen in the water body of the fish tank cannot be less.

Aquarium air pump, also known as air pump and oxygen booster pump, is one of our best helpers to ensure the dissolved oxygen in water. A good oxygen pump can provide a suitable living space for the creatures in the water, and if it is not used well, it may also speed up their death. Therefore, some common sense, experience and skills about oxygen pumps are what aquarium enthusiasts need to know.

The aquarium air pump is actually a small air compressor, which presses part of the air in the atmosphere into the water. Although the air bubbles are discharged out of the water, a large amount of dissolved oxygen remains in the water, which is provided for the growth and breeding of aquarium organisms.

The aquarium air pump can not only provide dissolved oxygen, but also drive the flow of water, which can increase the contact between the water surface and the air, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen, and the flow of water can also reduce the inconsistency of water temperature in the fish tank, especially in winter. When the device is installed, the aquarium air pump can help the water circulation system to evenly disperse the heat energy to all parts of the fish tank. In addition, the water pressure brought by the aquarium air pump and the escape of air bubbles can also remove a small amount of harmful substances such as chlorine and ammonia in the fish tank, thereby achieving the effect of purifying water quality.

There is also the choice of an aquarium air pump with a good mute effect, even if it is more expensive, otherwise the annoying humming sound may linger in your ears all the time, which will make you very disturbed.


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