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Aquarium Air Pump II Outdoor, Portable Rechargeable

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Kaiyopop Aquarium Air Pump

Single/Double Outlet Oxygen Air Pump for Up to 50 Gallon Fish Tank, Portable Rechargeable Water Aerator Pump for Outdoor Fishing, Fish Transportation & Power Outages

  • Ultra-High Cell Capacity : Built-in 2200mAh battery can provides 46 hours of fish tank oxygen.
  • Adjustable Eight Modes : Two oxygen supply modes and four gear flow rate adjustments, can adjust the output according to the size of your fish tank.
  • Ultra-Quiet and Energy Saving : Built-in High-quality bearing-less motor and rubber leg. Make it quiet enough, as low as 35 decibels of noise will not even disturb your sleep.
  • Universally Compatible : The air pump is suitable for all types of fish tanks with a capacity of 8-20 gallons.
  • USB Rechargeable : The USB charging ports can charge it by a laptop, power bank, USB Charger, car charger etc.
  • What You Get: Kaiyopop aquarium air pump, 12 months warranty and our friendly customer service.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly What I Wanted For Outages (I Have Seven Tanks) Few Points To Know

This is a pretty substantial air pump. It is 6x3.25x 1.75 inches up off the counter top.

This unit has a proprietary charging cord. I highly suggest you find a way to label it so you don't lose it when it is time to charge the unit. It only took me a few hours and I had a full charge. The power from one charge lasts several days on intermittent air for about six hours a day.

The charging cord has a USB end (you will need an outlet that accepts them or adapter) and a small jack on the other end.

This pump has really nice rubberized feet. That keeps it from vibrating horribly on the table top or against the wall if you hang it by the hook.

I have seven fish tanks. If we get a power outage, I plan to use this by alternating each tank for an hour or so. I don't put it on constant air, but intermittent air to make the pump last longer.

These controls are VERY sensitive to touch. They are easy to fix if you accidentally hit the controls, but they are very sensitive. Be careful to set this up where something won't be touching the controls.

This is just what I need to get two tanks at a time aerated with air in the event of an outage. Because it has two hook ups for tubes, I can put on two air tubes and do two tanks at once. That is one of the reasons I wanted this. I find that with simple air stones on the ends of each tube, this pump does a great job of keeping the water aerated.

I am so glad that they printed the instructions on the product page. My family accidentally threw away the box that this pump came with so any paperwork was gone. I could print the page again and keep it with the pump.

This pump is great to keep my fish tanks aerated in the event of a power outage. I like that it has two outlets so I can do two tanks at a time. Using the intermittent setting, I get a few days of use at six hours a day.

FIVE STARS. I am very happy with this pump. It has been helpful, is sturdy, and addresses a problem that has frustrated me for a while- power outages.