What Should be Paid Attention to When Using The Aquarium Air Pump?

What Should be Paid Attention to When Using The Aquarium Air Pump?

First of all, the life of the aquarium air pump is relatively short, and the power consumption capacity is relatively strong. Therefore, when using the aquarium air pump, if the fish can move normally without hypoxia, it is best not to use it often. It is also mentioned above that the noise of the aquarium air pump is relatively loud, so it is said that it can be closed at night, but remember that this is under the premise that the fish can breathe normally. If it is not guaranteed, it is better to open it for a long time.

Secondly, the aquarium air pump is best used in conjunction with the filter. If the aquarium air pump is used alone, the residues will be directly sucked into the gills by the fish, and they will not be able to breathe normally. The consequences are unimaginable and may directly lead to sudden death. This is why many people have doubts. It’s enough to know why the fish still die for no reason.

The Solution Of Noise Problem

In fact, there are only two reasons. One is caused by the loosening of the motor and the casing, or due to long-term work, more heat makes the vibration isolation glue hard, so there will be more and more noise. At this time, as long as Between the motor and the casing, a thin layer of glass glue is enough, but remember to wait 12 hours before using it, otherwise it may be a waste.

The second reason is that the connection between the crankshaft of the electric rod and the connecting rod is worn out, resulting in a gap. At this time, just disassemble them and apply some lubricating oil, preferably solid lubricating oil is better. In theory, the greater the power of the aquarium air pump, that is, the greater the air volume, the louder its sound, so be sure to read the manual before purchasing, and refer to your own fish to see if you need such a large aquarium air pump.

The above is the inherent noise of the oxygen booster pump, and other methods to reduce noise can also be tried. For example, adding shock-absorbing pads, adding soundproof covers, etc. In a word, it is to reduce the hum caused by vibration.

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