Detailed introduction to the use of Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater

Detailed introduction to the use of Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater

The carbon fiber heating wire and quartz tube of the aquarium heater are sealed as a whole with good insulation material and corrosion resistance, so they can be used in seawater environment. We have two types of aquarium heaters, 300W and 500W, which are suitable for 30-60 gallon and 60-120 gallon fish tanks respectively.

Bag of Kaiyopop Aquarium Heater

LCD Display of Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater

The controller USES a high-resolution LCD display. The set temperature is displayed in the lower right corner of the display, the actual temperature is displayed inside, and the number in the upper left corner is the current power. Temperature can be easily adjusted.

Freshwater & Seawater

The large aquarium heater is made of corrosion-resistant carbon fiber heating material and earthquake-resistant quartz glass, which can be used in fresh water or seawater with high heating effect. Keep the sensor area clean when using in seawater (LOGO area).

Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

The characteristic of carbon fiber infrared heating is that the higher the heating power, the brighter the red light. It is normal for a faint red light to appear when operating at low power.

More Detailed Features are Displayed

The display includes temperature display accurate to decimal place, real-time power display, night mode display and real-time hints according to the heater and state inside the tank.

Material of Kaiyopop Fish Tank Heater

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