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Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater 300W/500W

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Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Heater 300W/500W: this heater can be used in seawater fish tank environment 30/40/55/75/100 gallon.

Large Aquarium Heater Product Specifications
Input voltage: AC 110-120V/50Hz
Temperature control range:15~34°C
Temperature display range:-9.8~70°C
Alarm system: Buzzer & icon flashing
Accuracy: 0.1°C
Plug cord: 1.5m
Main unit connection wire: 1.5m

Large Aquarium Heater Temperature Calibration
1. With the power off, press and hold the button on the controller to connect the power supply. After 3 seconds the buzzer will sound once, release the button to enter the temperature calibration mode.
2. In the temperature calibration mode, the display will show ten digits and one digit, and the decimal point will flash in a loop for two seconds.
3. When the ten-digit and single-digit numbers are flashing, rotate the button to adjust the temperature in 1°C increment. When the decimal point number is blinking, rotate the button to adjust the temperature in 0.1°C increments.
4. When the temperature is calibrated, please wait a moment. When all the numbers are not blinking, turn off the power and the temperature calibration is complete.

Large Aquarium Heater Safety Precautions
1. Completely immerse the aquarium heater in water.
2. Do not use the aquarium heater buried in the sand, it may cause long-term damage to the heating rod.
3. Do not use ornaments or rocks on top of the heater to avoid damaging the aquarium heater.
4. Do not place magnetic brushes near the aquarium heater to prevent a malfunction from occurring. Keep it at least 20cm away from the heater.

1. Before use, submerge all heating rods in water for 10 minutes in order to adapt to the water temperature in the aquarium.
2. Do not turn on the heater until it is completely submerged.
3. The heater must be used in an environment with good water circulation.
4. Heater should not be taken out of the water surface after unplugging the power supply and continue cooling for more than 30 minutes. To prevent the high temperature caused by the residual heat of the rod body from causing serious destruction to the heating rod.

Customer Reviews

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I bought this product in May, I have not received the product yet, and they do not respond any of my emails about the status. Think twice before ordering from this company.

Como cambio de °F a °C...??

Es un calentador muy bueno, pero alguien me puede ayudar para cambiar de °F a °C.... Agradecere su ayuda.

Chris Anderson
No instructions or manual ?

I bought a new sealed unit from Amazon and the heater did not come with any instructions on how to adjust settings and use features. It’s disappointing

Happy Fish

Heated my tank in a short period. Fish are very appreciative and well worth the price

works like it should.

I really like how well its built and how easy it is to use and performs great.