The Function of Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater

The Function of Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater

Kaiyopop carbon fiber heating rod has dual heating elements, combined with carbon fiber heating wire and quartz tube, which are sealed in one piece, good insulation material, fast and efficient heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, and create a comfortable aquatic environment for your cute fish. This aquarium heater also features an adjustable LCD digital controller that displays real-time water temperature and set temperature.

Easy To Install

Fix the heating body, and it can be placed horizontally, obliquely, or vertically. The control box is installed in a place that is dry and out of contact with water, and is fixed with screws or back stickers.

User Friendly Hang Hole

The hang hole of the controller is convenient for you to hang it up, save space and at a glance.

To Be Mindful Of Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater

 —Keep water in circulation for better distribution of the heat.

—The heater must be fully submerged underwater at least 5inch all the time, the plastic guard will be melted if the heater exposes to the air when it's heating or not cooling down.

 —To avoid the device overheating and insure its better performance, it’s better to put it close to the tank filter.

 —Please unplug the heater and let it cool for 15 minutes first before you perform a water change or take out the heater rod.

 —It’s essential to keep it off the gravel or sand as the difference in heat conductivity between the water and substrate could result in the heater glass cracking.

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