How to Choose The Right Aquarium Heater?

How to Choose The Right Aquarium Heater?


The aquarium heater is also called a constant temperature rod. It is an aquarium peripheral equipment born to control the water temperature of the fish tank, and it is also the aquarium equipment with the greatest safety hazard.

Some glass heaters are broken, which is a minor accident. Some heater cook fish, which is a medium accident. Some people cause the circuit to emit smoke due to wrong operation, which is life-threatening big accident. Therefore, choosing a aquarium with high safety has become a compulsory course for almost every tropical ornamental fish player.

For example, if you set the target temperature of the heating rod to 25 degrees Celsius, when the water temperature really reaches this value, how long does it take for your aquarium heater to accurately perceive this value, and then immediately turn off. On the contrary, when the water temperature below a certain value, how quickly it responds to this signal is very important. This indicator largely determines the merits and dangers of a heating rod.

At the same time, the constant temperature bar may be the fastest iterating charged device in the aquarium, and almost the most cutting-edge constant temperature technology can be seen on the constant temperature bar. So how do we choose a reliable aquarium heater?

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