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Hamsters Toy Wooden Enrichment Foraging Toy for Small Pet

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Stimulate the pet's Senses: Two enrichment toys and there are 3 ways to get hidden pellets. These sniffing toys can stimulate pets' foraging skills, and make their brains smarter.

Keeping Pet Active: Bring excitement to guinea pigs by figuring out hiding food. This challenging forage toy is great for small pets to beat boredom and keep them occupied to expend their excess energy so prevent the pet from chewing on the home.

Safe for Pet: The puzzle feeding toy is made of quality white oak, with no paint, and no adhesive, which is healthy for rodents. Even your rabbit also can chew toys to grind their teeth and maintain dental health.

Applicable Pets: Wooden feeding toys are suitable for small rodent pets such as rabbits (bunnies), hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets, squirrels, rats, etc.

What You Get: Rubor 2 pack 6.3" x 3" wooden foraging toy, 12 months warranty, and our friendly customer service.


Customer Reviews

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Mary N.
Suitable for Guinea Pigs

Fantastic enrichment for Guinea Pig. A pumpkin seed under the doors and sometimes a nanner chip. They go crazy searching, finding and the rushing back to their enclosure to store.

Exactly what I thought

My Guinea pig love to find their treats in here. They do like to chew though. Will definitely buy more

Michelle Zellen
Bunny loves it!

Our sweet bunny loves these! It’s healthy for her to have to “forage” for her food.

Guinea pig enrichment toy

My two 8 month old guinea pigs enjoyed these very much. I hid bits or parsley and carrot inside. It took a while at first, they would push it around. Once I showed them a few times, they learned. Its held their focus for ~15 minutes each time. Great item to rotate every few days for an enriched free roam time

Purple People
Guinea pigs

Got this for our Guinea pigs and they love the hide and seek to find treats. Highly recommend