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Aquarium Filter Media 6-Layer

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  • Product Name: 6D Three-Dimensional Filtration Mat
  • Material: Nano biochemical cotton, fiber biochemical cotton, activated carbon mat
  • Size per piece: 47in x 12in x 0.63in

Customer Reviews

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This is definitely the way to go to save money on aqaurium filter replacements!

Okay, to be honest, I had no clue if this would work in my aquarium filter or not. What I did have a clue about was that the brand name filter was getting much too expensive and replacing it as often as suggested was going to cost a fortune. When this arrived, I was taken aback by how much you are sent! It was wonderful, once I also figured out that you merely cut some off of the big pads, and place it into the filter. I have the white side facing toward the aquarium, and the amount of stuff that this catches is amazing. Considering how much you receive, and the amount of money it costs, it is inexpensive and really easy to change out the filter material often. My water is clear and my fish have suffered no ill effects. This is the way to go because you can cut it to fit any size filter that you have on hand!