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Wooden Small Animal Cage

wood small animal cage



Description: The warm house wooden small animal cage is recommended for small animals and different kinds of hamsters. The multi-level structure provides a great place for your pets to frolic. It is the best choice for you if you are keeping small animals right now because it offers heaven for your pets and prevent them from missing.

  • Premium Material: Use high-quality wood, without bleched, has no strong smell and is completely safe for your pets, habitats are durable and can sustain for a long time.
  • Convenient Access: The cage features one opening. Simply open the upper door and you can freely play with your small pets.
  • Easy to Clean: The space avoids your hamster's waste splashing and the enclosure makes it easy to clean. Save your time and energy.
  • Great Visibility and Air Circulation: Front Panel gives you a full view of the habitat and allows you to observe your pets at any time. The porous mesh ensures fresh air and good ventilation.
  • Platform Design: The platform and ladder provide a great place for hamsters to exercise and have fun. 
  • Comfortable Habits For Hamsters: The large interactive space gives your hamster a comfortable place to live.
  • Installation Suggestions: The above video vividly presents the process of installation. If you still have questions, please contact us in time.


      The wooden small animal cage is recommended for domestic small pets.

      The cage has excellent ventilation and a beautiful appearance.

      The drawer of the tray is easily removable for cleaning.

      It encloses your small animals and provides a good place to frolic.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      We will solve your problems as much as possible.