The Best Hamster Cages for 2022: Rank and Comments

The Best Hamster Cages for 2022: Rank and Comments

For many hamster keepers, the first step is to buy suitable small animal habitats and cages for a hammy. This cage should be comfortable and big enough. Because the environment they live in has a great impact on their well-being and health. It also decides how long they can live. So, before keeping a hamster, you must know what kind of hamster hutch are fit for it.

Kaiyopop group analyses all the hamster cages on the market, drawing on our experience as owners of Syrian and Russian hamsters. We look at many important features, such as total space, safety and security, and a deep foundation to allow for digging. We also provide information on the size of the wire space, the design of the cage, ease of cleaning, and other important aspects of hamster ownership. This article is full of useful information for both new and experienced hamster owners.

1. PREVUE PET PRODUCTS Deluxe Hamster Home

  • Spacious: a deep tubby base for exercise and accessories.
  • Dimensions: Lightweight and easy handling measure 32 ½ inches long, 19 inches wide, and 17 ½ inches high with tight ⅜ inch wire spacing. 


Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Hamster Home

Customers review that they like the platform design so they can put food and snacks on it and they don’t mess it up. It is easy to put together and you don’t need any tools, which is another merit. Also, it is very huge and really proper for a hamster.

Cons: the ramps and bars are a little weak.

This big hamster house is also appreciated for its doors on the top and sides, which allow easy access for small pets. The wire mesh can be removed from the plastic base for easy cleaning, and the overall construction is sturdy enough for hamsters to chew on. Inside there is a ramp and platform for placing toys or food. It is very easy to assemble upon delivery and is sturdy and stable enough to accommodate all types of hamsters. However, activities are not included and must be purchased separately.


2. HABITRAIL OVO Studio Hamster Habitat

  • Extensive tubing
  • Plenty of amenities


HABITRAIL OVO Studio Hamster Habitat

If you are looking for a great place for your hamsters with lots of activities, Habitrail OVO Studios is ideal. It combines a cozy hamster play house with an activity center. The first step is to fill the deep foundation with plenty of substrate for digging. Then there are plenty of tubes and areas for hamsters to climb and explore. Additional sections can be purchased to create even larger play areas.

The bright orange roof is cleared away, so cleaning all the tubes is time-consuming, but cleaning the floor and giving the hamsters access is easy. Since this cage is small (8.5 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches), the hamsters will need to be exercised regularly in a suitable space outside the cage. It is also not an assembled cage, so you will need to spend some time assembling it.


3.  Amazon basics small animal cage

  • Low cost.
  • Provide more space.
  • There is a sturdy plastic bottom and chew-proof metal bars.
Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat

Amazon's flagship product is a low-cost small animal habitat and cages that meet many of the welfare requirements of hamsters. They are available in three sizes. Even the least expensive model measures 31.7 x 21.8 x 18.1 inches, providing more space than many other small animal cages on the market.

Importantly, the floor is deep enough to dig in and easy to clean. Inside, a balcony accessible with a ramp provides an improved environment. It is also equipped with a spill-proof water bottle, a hay guard, and a spill-proof food bowl. Access for cleaning and handling hamsters is through the top and side doors.

The large hamster enclosure is suitable for hamster beginners, as it contains almost everything you need. However, it requires some activities, such as wheels, which are placed in the cage. One thing to consider is the spacing between the bars. They will be too big for Roborovski hamsters and other dwarf hamster species. This big hamster house is only suitable for large, adult Syrian hamsters. However, make sure they cannot escape through the bars before placing them in the cage.


4. Aivituvin 24-in 3 Tier Hamster Cage

  • Cleaning is easy with the leak-proof plastic tray
  • Clear acrylic construction to watch your hamster
  • 100% non-toxic wood
  • Extra large and multi-level activity place
  • Expensive

AIVITUVIN 24-in 3 Tier Hamster Cage

If you want to have a modern and unique hamster cage, this is the best choice. The three-level design looks like a luxurious villa and provides your hamster with a wonderful space to move around. Not everyone is a fan of colorful plastic and wire cage. This cage gives people a natural and warm feeling. It is painted in a good-looking light grey. The cage has a leak-proof plastic tray at the bottom for easy cleaning, three levels of space for hamsters to run around, and top and front doors for easy entry and exit. Because of its natural material, this cage is the most expansive on the list.


5. Best for beginners: Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

  • Multi-level play space
  • You can connect it to another hamster habitat (includes connector pieces to fit standard play tubes)
  • Ventilated tubes!! They are also easy to take apart for quick cleaning.
Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

This cage is super fit for a new hamster keeper because it is easy setup and includes almost all the accessories for hamsters to have fun. But according to comments on Amazon, some say that this cage genuinely is not big enough for any Syrian, for Syrian hamsters need much more space than this. It is easy to install and has many doors so that you can interact with your hamsters and become more familiar with them.


6. Kaiyopop Wooden Hamster Cage

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Natural fir wood without painting
  • Acrylic door
  • Removable sliding tray

This wooden hamster cage can give your small pet a natural environment. Customers comment that it is much more pleasing to look at than a big wire cage and will look much nicer set up in your living room than most cages and habitats do. One customer also says that she believes that it also seems like her rat is much happier and more secure with this as her primary habitat. Her hamster has always been very playful and snuggly out of the cage but usually pretty lethargic when caged up, but after moving it to this she is very playful and constantly exploring and burrowing. Therefore, a wooden hamster enclosure is also a good choice.

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