How Many Hamsters Per Cage?

How Many Hamsters Per Cage?

There are thousands of pets, some people love dogs, others like cats. People like all kinds of cute and small pets, and over the years more and more people choose to keep hamsters. Some hamster owners are not satisfied with just one hamster and they begin to keep two or three hamsters. Although it is fun, it also brings us a problem: Can hamsters be raised in one cage? Will they fight when they are put together?

The answer is no. A few days ago, a friend came to ask me: "after raising hamsters it's a really confusing place, hamsters really can not be raised in groups?"

The friend who happened to have two hamsters was having a sad face, and I think other pet lovers will also encounter this problem.


Can two hamsters be caged in one cage?

Are Hamsters Really Suitable for Group Living?

In the process of raising pets, there are some pet lovers who are afraid that their pets will be lonely. Thus, they will then find a partner for the pet, this is not a big problem for dogs and cats, and other animals. But actually, hamsters do not need this.

Hamsters look very docile and cute, but in fact, they have a strong desire to control their hamster house cage. Hamsters have this lifestyle habit from birth, and young hamsters are raised by their mother hamsters until they are a month old when they are banished to survive on their own.

Some pet lovers may not understand, but this is indeed their habit, so if we force two hamsters into a cage, then it is likely to cause a variety of contradictions between them. So, make sure one hamster per cage.


two hamsters in one cage

When Can We Keep Them in Groups?

Speaking of this, then there will be pet lovers asked: I want to let two or more hamsters live in one cage how to do that? In fact, in line with the "premise" of the situation, some hamsters can be kept together in the cage. The prerequisite is that the cage is large enough and there are enough toys.

Most adult hamsters are solitary animals, and although they look like they love each other in a pile at the pet store. In fact, when the pet store closes at night, there will be various conflicts between hamsters. Because hamsters are used to night activities and are not very active during the day, when they encounter insufficient territory, they can only get more territorial space by attacking other hamsters.

When we keep hamsters at home, we use a regular cage, which may be just right for one hamster, but if another hamster comes in, it will cause the distance between the hamsters do not maintain a balance. If you plan to let two or more hamsters together, then it is recommended to expand the area of the cage, otherwise, the small pet does not recommend the cage together!

In addition, adult hamsters may fight and bite each other when they are together, while young hamsters rarely show this kind of behavior, especially out of the same nest.

However, when the hamster is 2 months old. If the space is smaller, then the behavior of attacking other hamsters to get more territory will still occur.

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