How Do Young People, Who Are Not A Fan of Shopping Spree, Become the Mainstream of the Pet Consumption Market?

How Do Young People, Who Are Not A Fan of Shopping Spree, Become the Mainstream of the Pet Consumption Market?


According to the statistics, the people who keep pets are mainly between 22-40 years old, accounting for 79.3%. The main reason why respondents keep pets is that they like and hope to be accompanied.

In the context of emotional attachment, people keeping pets is no longer a random stocking model, but a full range of maintenance including pet food, supplies, medical care, etc.

Statistics show that in 2019, the post-95s generation accounted for 35.6% of the pet owners, and the post-90s generation increased by 2.2% , compared with 2018. It is mentioned that compared with 2018, the number of pet owners with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree or above increased by 2.5% and 2.0% respectively in 2019, and those with a bachelor's degree are the main group of pet owners. And, pet owners with an income of more than 4,000 yuan in 2019 accounted for 50.4% and 20% of them had a monthly income of more than 10,000.

That is to say, pet owners with higher education, and middle and high incomes are increasing.

These statistics show that people who keep pets are developing towards a trend that they are young, well-educated, and well-paid.

Compared with other pet owners in the past, they pursue creativity, good quality, and have better consumption capacity.


Four Trends in Exquisitely Keeping Pets——In Line With the Consumption Concept of Contemporary Young People

Recently, CBN Data and Taobao Live ON MAP launched the "2021 China Pet Exquisite Consumption Guide" to discuss the new trends of current pet consumption: light food, hands-free, dual social interaction, and experience extension, all of which meet the consumption needs of contemporary young pet owners.


Light Food and Raw Meat are Popular

The consumption of pet owners has been upgraded. The health of pet food has attracted attention.

Compared with traditional dry food, the less processed fresh food, freeze-dried and raw meat are more green and original, which is in line with the consumption concept of many young people today.

In the past three years, grain-free pet food has ranked first in the consumption scale of high-end pet food, followed by freeze-dried and wet food.

From the perspective of growth rate, the compound annual growth rate of freeze-dried and raw meat in the past three years has been outstanding.


Hand-Free, Pet Smart Products Saved the “Couch Potatoes”

From feeding and water feeding to shoveling shit and drying after bathing, pet owners have made full use of technological intelligence and freed their hands. For example, the automatic feeder solves the problem that the owner can feed the pet anytime, anywhere, and the pet owner only needs to use the mobile phone software to complete the operation.

The times are progressing, and convenient and fast smart products will eventually replace the original pet supplies.

Therefore, it is not a problem that smart products gradually take up the market. In addition, the new product also addresses the concerns of many people who do not keep pets for fear of trouble, and they may start having pets.


Dual Socialization - Both the Social Needs of Pet Owners and Pets Must be Met

The better-looking cat leash, dog leash, accompanying water cup, cat bag, and stroller are very popular among contemporary young pet owners. As of February 2021, Starbucks has opened more than 110 pet-friendly stores in more than 30 cities in China. Pizza Hut, HEYTEA, MANNER, and other brands have successively launched pet-friendly stores, and even launched new special edible products for pets. It not only meets the social needs of young people in the circle but also makes the product have the value of a "tick-off" and become a social currency.


Experience Extension

In the hearts of young pet owners, in addition to the daily consumption of pets, they are also willing to give pets more consumption experience.

In the past three years, the consumption scale of various types of online pet living services has steadily increased, and the growth rate of online consumption of pet grooming, funeral, and photography has been at the top.

In conclusion, young people have become the mainstream pet consumption, and this way of alleviating loneliness is especially effective in the fast-paced 21st century.

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