Miracle: A Pet Hamster Survived a Devastating Fire

Miracle: A Pet Hamster Survived a Devastating Fire

Last month, in Thomastown, the fire destroyed multiple units at the Swan Valley condo.

After the fire was put out, a hamster in Swan Valley Middle School was missing, and the hamster owner thought it may have died. 

Surprisingly, firefighters found the hamster the next morning and the little thing was running on a hamster wheel in the rubble of the complex.

"We were shocked. We couldn't believe he was alive," said Swan Valley Middle School teacher Autumn Blaesser.

Nobody was hurt, even though the fire swamped 30 families. When people examine the house they didn’t find a small furry friend. Thus people believed this little friend had died in the fierce fire.a fierce fire in this county

"It's a miracle that biscuits are still alive!" Blather said.

"Lil Biscuit," this hamster lives in her classroom during the school year, but in the Swan Valley apartment during the summer.

"During spring break, Christmas break, and summer, I had a student who was taking him home to take care of him, and this student was living in the fire at the Shield Apartments. I was contacted early last week to say he didn't escape the fire, and my students thought Looking for him to bury him, so firefighters searched the rubble again yesterday morning and found him alive, under the rubble, spinning on his little wheels," Blaser said.

Lil Biscuit managed to survive 11 days without any food, water, or shelter.

"It was a miracle that both of my kids started crying and they were so happy," Blaser said.

Glad Lil Biscuit survived the burning rubble.

"They said when they picked him up from the fire department he was very, very smelly. So he has a new, clean, sanitized cage, new toys, new food, and new water, and he's living a good life now and will be at the start of school. Came back on the first day, safe and sound," Blather said.

The Huntington Bank on Gratiot Road is accepting donations for victims displaced by the fire.the fire destroy 30 residents

Culver's on Gratiot Road will donate 25% of all its sales to the cause on Wednesday.

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