How to Help Your Hamster Lose Weight?

How to Help Your Hamster Lose Weight?

Hamsters Weighing More Than 60 Grams are Obese


Hamsters weighing more than 60 grams are obese, and more than 80 grams are over obese. The healthy weight of hamsters is about 50 grams.

The owner should adjust the hamster's dietary structure, feed less high-calorie food, and eat more cellulose-rich food. Hamsters can also lose weight through exercise, buy more toys for hamsters, and change patterns every day to keep them fresh.

The healthy weight of an adult hamster is about 50 grams, more than 60 grams is obese, and more than 80 grams is obese. Although chubby hamsters look cute, obesity can trigger a range of diseases.


How do Hamsters Get Fat

For obese hamsters, the owner should adjust their dietary structure and feed them less high-calorie food such as mealworms and melon seeds. Also, increase the amount of high-fiber foods to avoid excess nutrients.

Obese hamsters should exercise more. The owner can let the hamster move in a closed space and buy more toys for it, such as seesaws, wine barrels, etc. Putting only one or two toys at a time, and playing around with them helps keep things fresh.

fat hamster need to lose weight


Tips for Losing Weight in Hamsters

Hamsters are very greedy animals. We often see videos of various hamsters eating food on the Internet. The cute appearance makes people laugh. But it should be noted that hamsters are easy to gain weight, and being overweight has a great impact on the health of hamsters. So our owners should also take action to help baby hamsters lose weight. After all, summer is not easy for fat hamsters.

If the hamster is too fat, it needs to lose weight, and it has to.

Hamster obesity is a disease and it is definitely a disease. It is a more serious disease than obesity. Many people think that hamsters are fat, they feel fleshy, and they like it when they feel good. This hurts them.

Hamster obesity is the same as the human obesity, and it is much more serious than human obesity, because almost 100% of hamster obesity will cause hamster diabetes, and hamster diabetes is still incurable. Humans can also delay life by injecting insulin and other methods. Hamsters are very difficult because there are too few hospitals that can see hamster diseases.

Therefore, after the hamster is overweight and causes obesity, it is necessary to force the hamster to lose weight as soon as possible.

Let me write a few methods for hamsters to lose weight here, and see if you can use a few of them according to your actual situation.

Losing weight is very simple. It is nothing more than moving your body and stopping eating too much. Keeping your mouth shut is the key. Reducing nutrient intake is very important.

Control the diet of hamsters

Adjust the Hamster's Diet

Look at how much the hamster eats every day, then reduce it to 90% of the previous amount, and reduce it to 80% of the previous one after a week. It can't be any less, any less is harmful to the hamster's own body, so it is recommended to reduce it to 80% at most.

Stop all snacks. All snacks, probiotics, etc. you have eaten before are temporarily stopped. If you find that there is a problem with digestion, probiotics can be given a little.

Stop any high-calorie and high-fat food, such as mealworms, cheese, etc., even if there is any in rat food. In particular, mealworms can easily lead to excess nutrition in hamsters. At the same time, the amount of fiber food should be increased, and hamsters who are too fat should pay attention to the fire.


Let Them Do More Exercise

The above is all about hamsters' diet then let's talk about exercise. To put it precisely, you need to exercise more. Humans are prone to exercise, if you want to exercise more, you can run, ride a bicycle, etc. But the hamster is more troublesome because he has no motivation, which requires forced exercise.

Configure running wheels, running discs, pipes, and other running equipment that can make the hamster move. So make sure there's plenty of space to put all these tools in your wooden hamster house.

Sometimes you will find that although you put a lot of things for exercise, the hamster just doesn't need it, so you're depressed. Then force the exercise, such as changing to a larger hamster cage, the one with multiple layers is the best, eating and drinking water on the opposite corners of the cage, and preferably there are some pipes in the middle to pass. So the hamster can't do it without exercising.

make sure your hamster get enough exercise

If you have time to spend more time with the hamster, use snacks or food to lure the hamster to exercise more, and choose low-sugar and low-fat snacks for snacks.

Add toys to the hamster's nest and let the hamster move. It is suggested that rat friends can bring gloves to play with their hamsters, preferably at night, because hamsters are nocturnal animals! You can take off the gloves after getting used to them. Hamsters such as silver fox are very family-friendly!

You can buy some hamster toys, such as wine barrels, seesaws, etc. These will arouse the interest of hamsters and make them move. It should be reminded here that you can't put it in all at once, and you have to change it frequently for the hamster to experience, so as not to get tired. Change the cabin feed pan, and toilet to a smaller one, and expand the area of ​​the hamster cage. 

Add running wheels inside the cage. Or put a thick straw in the cage for the hamster to drill, which is also a way. Keep hamsters free often and keep them active. You can choose a relatively large enclosed space to let your mouse move. If you are worried about the hamster escaping, you can buy a hamster sports ball and put it in it! Don't do this in summer, it will be stuffy inside.

It is normal for hamsters to gain weight during the winter because of the accumulation of fat in late autumn. However, there is no food shortage problem in the state of human pets, so they also need to exercise.

Although the hamster is cute and chubby, the owners still have to think about the health of the baby hamster. Don't blindly feed hamsters and let them exercise properly. It is the most important thing to have a healthy body.

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