Introduction of  Red Aquarium Air Pump

Introduction of Red Aquarium Air Pump

Ultra Quiet Aquarium Air Pump


Power: 1W

Discharge capacity: 0.4 gallons

Uses: increase oxygen for fish tanks, hydroponic plant growth

Note: outdoor or indoor use

Battery capacity: 2200 mAh

Try to put it higher than the fish tank. If it is placed lower than the fish tank, you can use the return valve.

Features of the Aquarium Air Pump

This is a rechargeable oxygen pump with 60 hours of long intermittent battery life. It can be used continuously for more than 28 hours.

Going out for fishing requires a standing aquarium air pump. If there is no aquarium air pump, it is easy to cause the fish to die due to hypoxia, thus reducing the fun of fishing.

Powerful Air Pump

This aquarium air pump can be connected with one air stones, can also be used with filter settings.

High-efficiency air stones, puts off a nice spread of bubbles at a pretty good pace, which will makes your fish or shrimp love it. Powerful air pump that provides plenty of oxygen for your tank.

Ultra Quiet Air Pump

The thickened shell can effectively reduce the internal motor sound of the air pump and soft rubber foot pads to eliminate the noise further. Installation and use is very simple, there are detailed installation diagrams in the manual.

——Other Types of Aquarium Air Pump

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