Introduction of Aquarium Fish Tank Water Pump

Introduction of Aquarium Fish Tank Water Pump

Kaiyopop is a joint venture with professional experience, specializing in aquarium air pumps, water pumps, aquarium heater and other aquarium products. We have a experienced, scientific, professional team. Over the year, our group has won the trust of customers with its reputation and good product quality.

Best Choice for a Small but Powerful Water Pump

This aquarium water pump works great in either wet or dry installations, and features wet rotor and wet bearing technology. Decreasing the need for maintenance. Its compact design is great for saving space in aquariums and fish tanks. Multiple sizes of water outlet inserts and suction cups included.

Excellent Protection Design

Outer shell, pure copper wire motor, and ceramic shaft make its long service life. The pump also has protection functions that other water pumps do not have, such as over-temperature protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, and water shortage protection.

Energy Saving With Low Noise

This water pump adopt energy-saving design and ultra-quiet operation design,  provide environmentally friendly and efficient water pump system, which is beneficial to the environment.

Easy To Install 

Alternating current foot-long UL power cord for easy installation. It is detachable and easy to clean. It can be used by immersing in water, or receiving water pipe.

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